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What You, Jimmy Buffet, & New Orleans Saints Have In Common

Friday, January 29th, 2010


1. What You, Jimmy Buffet, & New Orleans Saints Have In Common – (Video of Jimmy Buffet Up Close & Personal)
2. How to Make a Sizzling First Impression! – (Audio Interview With Successful Author)
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(Video of Jimmy Buffet Up Close & Personal) 

I recently visited New Orleans to witness the New Orleans Saints win their first NFC Championship. It was surreal sitting in the very same Superdome where we all witnessed horrid pictures of humanity just a few short years ago after Hurricane Katrina. This time the Dome was alive with hope, collective energy and joy that was so intense you had to feel swept away by it to the core of your own existence. It was blissful, sensory overload. It was surreal because there were pleas for helping Haiti on the giant electronic billboards throughout the game.

People of all economic backgrounds, religions, and colors celebrated together in the streets hugging, high fiving, singing and dancing. It was like experiencing nirvana.

(We ran into Jimmy Buffet singing impromptu at a tailgate party – enjoy the video here!)

My husband and his family are from New Orleans, so my life has been personally touched by Hurricane Katrina as family members lost their homes. So what does this all have to do with you?

Everything. The New Orleans Saints started this season like no other. Drew Brees, the quarterback, handed out 4 t-shirts to his 52 teammates at the beginning of the season each with a mission statement:

"Be Special"
"Smell Greatness"
"Finish Strong"
"SuperBowl 44"

To reach the Super Bowl, this team would have to perform miracles, especially after a 40 year history that has been laced with many embarrassments and losing seasons. The fans are the most passionate and loyal fans that have stuck with their team through thick and thin. Now the Saints have pulled through against all odds and the city has a renewed confidence and Saints fever that is contagious. The whole city is inspiring as they rebuilt and rebounded to reach many immense goals, including playing in the Super Bowl. What this city and team and loyal fans have been through hopefully will inspire you to your own greatness.

It was surreal for me to watch a woman boarding our plane home. She had a Saints t-shirt on and she was talking to a loyal Minnesota Vikings fan who was very disappointed that his team lost to the Saints. Her advice to him? "Don’t worry, there’s always next year". In other words, keep the faith!

My message to you from all this? "Don’t give up. Set YOUR mission statement because you can achieve anything you want, even against all odds. Just believe you can".

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(Audio Interview With Successful Author, Bill Lampton, Ph.D.)

Everything we do, say, or look like must contribute to the image we present. Dr. Lampton provides tips and strategies for making your first impression sizzling and highly positive.

Listen to the interview here!

Bill Lampton, Ph.D., has become known as the "Speech Coach for Champions." Through his company, Championship Communication, he works with business leaders who want to become poised, powerful, and persuasive speakers.Under his Speech Coaching, clients get their audience’s attention, agreement, and action. He wrote a popular communication book, The Complete Communicator: Change Your Communication, Change Your Life! He has been interviewed by Entrepreneur, Newsday, Cosmopolitan, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Investor’s Business Daily, and Delta’s SKY.

Visit his Web site:

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We’re creating Success Groups that will be announced soon for serious jobseekers that want results as fast as possible.  The format will be similar to "The Biggest Loser" so be prepared to work hard and turn your entire search around. If you’re interested, email us at  We’re working to get press coverage so you must really commit to getting the results you want, and not to making excuses. Only 20 spots are available.

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If you live in Atlanta and you’re looking for free support, check out RUMC Job Networking . I spoke at their recent event and I have to tell you I’m in awe with everything they do and provide for job seekers.  They’re also training other churches on how they do things so magnificently - check out this link for their February conference if you want to know more - RUMC Job Networking.


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Interview with Celebrity Author, Dick Bolles – “What Color Is Your Parachute?”

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Dick Bolles is probably the most well known career/job search authors of all time. I interviewed Dick on what YOU need to do in 2010 to find hope and rewarding work.

Listen to it here:


I was curious to know the secrets from Dick Bolles on how his book became so popular year after year and what his thoughts were on his career and his book’s longevity and sustainability. If you are determined to grow and sustain your career year after year and never go out of style you can certainly learn from the example of this man and his book! Here are my thoughts on the key success factors that would allow all of us to sustain our careers and businesses:

  1. Find a need or problem
  2. Research the answers and become the solution
  3. Share the answers with those who need help
  4. Stay on top of the problems and solutions and update them every single year
  5. Have an inquisitive, restless mind

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