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Here are my top picks this week to help you reach your career goals. The only thing that’s standing in the way between you and your outrageous success are your fears, doubts, and limiting thoughts. Enjoy this week’s picks:


1. Favorite Tool
2. Short Article: How to Change Your Life Right Now
3. Want To Know How To Start Reaching Your Dreams Now? Contribute To This Column.
4. Products And Programs
5. Do You Have Kids? Special Request
6. Let’s Connect

FAVORITE TOOL – My favorite tool for interview preparation is doing interview practice sessions using video or audio.  A client of mine came in second 15 times in his interviews until we practiced using video.  Within three weeks he had two job offers.  This site allows you to practice via video and share your videos with friends, collegues, coaches, or anyone else who can help you make immediate improvements.  Check it out!

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The way to see miraculous results in your life and career right away is to commit to taking bold actions you normally wouldn’t take on a daily or at least a weekly basis, to start. I am defining bold actions as ones that take little time on your part, they make you feel uncomfortable and excited at the same time, and they clearly enhance your life. It’s doing something you may have shied away from in the past.

Bold actions are not necessarily taking drastic steps like quitting your job or skydiving, although it could be that. It’s taking simple steps that feel uncomfortable and exciting, and if you take them, you’ll feel a strong union with your true heart. Examples may include:

  • contacting someone you’ve been fearful of contacting;
  • telling someone something you’ve been afraid to say that benefits you and them;
  • starting to write if your desire for self expression is writing;
  • expressing something to someone from your heart and soul;
  • committing to a practice of exercising, eating right, or meditating if that’s what you really desire;
  • showing someone how much you love and appreciate them by doing something special for them;
  • asking friends, relatives, co-workers, or bosses for help if you are feeling overwhelmed and you are someone who doesn’t like to ask for help;
  • taking a beginning step to face a debilitating fear head on – one that is getting in the way of your burning desires;
  • doing something you promised yourself you’d do especially when you feel doubtful or not up to it.

The key to your bold actions is allowing yourself to get logically closer to the results you desire in your career and life. The results must always be ones that enhance your life and the lives of others.

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I regularly include this section because my dream is to share the global stage with you! With viral marketing techniques, it’s so easy to get your work and messages out to the world and I want to start that process for you.
So, if you have a creative talent that can inspire others, or if you have a creative dream or talent that you’re afraid to begin, I would like to especially hear from you! Step out of your comfort zone and tell me what your dream is. There is power and momentum when you simply share your dream with others which is what I want to do
for you. Go ahead and contact me at to discuss your submission to this column!

My dear friend David Keeler is an extraordinary leader who has run companies as President and has co-collaborated with Zig Ziglar. He has a gift of inspiring people through his creative song writing. Please listen to his song "Who You Are".

Who You Are
(Written by David Keeler)

Song Lyrics

It’s not what you may think
Or certainly how you feel
Or what you may portray
Of thoughts you may conceal
The truth of who you are
Is seen through others’ eyes
Balance of beliefs
Can start at any time

It’s what you do alone
That tells you who you are
It’s what you share with others
That determines just how far
How far that you can travel
From somewhere old to somewhere new
Where do you want to be?
When it’s time for your review

Learning to forgive
Doesn’t mean you must forget
It’s just a heartfelt way
Of satisfying debt
Focus on your strengths
Then get stronger everyday
When you tell yourself the truth
You can never be betrayed

Look at yourself now
Compared to where you’ve been
Are you happy with what you see?
Or would you rather trade it in
What is left for you?
What can be achieved?
Who you are
Is based on what you leave


Here’s what he has to say about it:

The "Who You Are" song is one for me that after you listen to it a few times it kind of makes one go whoa! I mean think about it for a moment, it doesn’t matter what our backgrounds are, what experiences we been a part of, what "good" we boast, what "bad" we ignore, what our genders are, and on and on we could go! What matters the most is what "you know" about yourself regardless of what others "may perceive" of you. The good news is that a balance in new beliefs (and actions) can start at anytime and it is ultimately what you do and share with others that will determine who you "really" are!

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Please videotape your child answering these 2 questions –> 1. What do you want to be when you grow up and why; 2. Describe your daddy or your mommy’s job. Send me ( the 2-3 minute video – so I can share it with the world. Don’t have a camera? Write down what your child says and send me that with a picture.  As Bill Cosby says, "Kids say the darndest things!"

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