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Here's What People Have to Say

I just wanted to tell you that I heard you speak last night and you really inspired me. I've been in career search since August, not long compared to some folks, but plenty long for me. I'm going to change a few things based on some of the principles you laid out last night. Again, thanks for the motivation. I know I needed it and I'm sure countless others did as well.


Thank you so much for speaking to us last night.  It was a great presentation, full of excellent ideas and advice for improving our job searches. By the way, I did enjoy the Laughter Yoga!  I'd heard about it, but it was fun to actually try it out!



"It’s hard to believe that it has been about two years since I first visited your office and my life has never been the same. I mention your name every time someone asks me, “How did you get to NASA?” You have a lot to do with where I am today. You awakened me to what I really wanted to do. Remember the movie, “Finding Forester?” Well, I found Dewayne, with a little help. :-) Thank you so much. This is all your fault that I finally found my true destiny. Life would be so much better if everyone could find his or her place of contribution. Your insight has also helped me to help others help themselves."

-D.W., NASA Executive


"Lori has the keen ability to provide coaching that builds confidence and skills to continue networking for a lifetime. She has the incredible capacity to understand and interpret the professional needs and desires of her clients and thereby provides strategies on how to find the perfect career."

-Michelle LaMarche, Director, The Conference Board

"I wanted to let you know that this week I received two job offers. Both offers are from companies in which you helped me get in the door. Both offers are in line with what I was looking for. I wanted to say thanks for all your help. You offer a great service and I would not have gotten into either of these companies without your help."

- Nichelle Evans, Advertising and Marketing Executive

"It is a strange business that you are in to some extent. It seems that the truly valuable role you can play is to make me autonomous and thus not “need” you as much as before. Although that has become profoundly true that I am not desperate like when I met you, I feel such a great sense of gratitude to you because the true value you have provided me is just now taking shape – even though your time investment has diminished in recent weeks. In other words, you are underpaid for the investment period and not paid for the value period when your student is beginning to take flight."

- T.S., Wall Street Executive







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